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Historical fiction

President  Wilson breaks off diplomatic relations with Mexico and orders the navy to capture the port of Vera Cruz and stop a German ship landing  arms.   Noon's cruiser is the only ship able to get into the harbor. Only his exceptional shooting makes the landing possible.

1913. In the oil port of Tampico,  Chief Turret Captain Noon is threatened by Mexican irregulars. His admiral orders the  Mexican commander to  salute  the Stars and Stripes. President Woodrow Wilson prepares for Intervention.The newly arrived chargé d’affaires George Kincaid and his  disillusioned wife Leonora are appalled.

In the last instalment of the serial, Noon is devastated by the damage his shooting has done in Vera Cruz. He is sheltered by Mrs Smiley the bordello keeper, and spectacularly seduced by Leonora, the diplomatic wife. When the European war begins he is on board a British battlecruiser duelling with a German ships--and an old friend.

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